Age 11:  Two experiences converged that set the trajectory of my life:

(1.) Strummed a one finger G chord on a baritone ukulele.  The skies parted.  A lifelong musical learning curve began.

(2.) Habitually snuck a transistor radio* to bed. 
*a transportation device that introduced me to an irresistible world of singers and songwriters.

Age 13: Life dream is set:  
Make music. In Nashville, TN. 

Age 22: Left my West Virginia home for Music City.  

Age 22 - present:  A winding road of peaks and valleys.  Hats worn include recording artist, touring performer, songwriter, composer, actor, ,music director and band leader, 

Moreover, and more importantly, I've been a husband (31 years) and a father (23 years);
easily the most creative and rewarding gigs of my life. 

Not all my songs have been on the charts, but my life has been off the charts; beyond my wildest dreams.

Present - Future:  More creatively alive than ever, creating every day; grateful for the rich tapestry of experiences that has been my life..